Who We Are

About our business

Thank you for showing interest at our Company website, and thus our efforts to further build on the very strong existing base in the Kurdistan Region with our people and organization, customers and consumers.

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What are Our Purposes?

AL-Amaadi Al-Ameen Poultry’s goal is to be the leading poultry company in the Iranians market based on quality and benefit.
Strong Morals: In dealing with everyone, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, the society and the environment, as well as in producing goods.
Customers: Offering our enduring commitment to provide top service in parallel with the highest quality products in order to maintain a prosperous relationship.


Our Primary Services

We Also Offer Some Secondary Services

Screening and Seeds Filtering

The company includes the latest purification station and the processing and packing of seeds in order to to secure company’s need of seeds annually in addition to the need to secure farmers.Read More »


The company has huge storage facilities; they are established on a large areas in different parts of Dohuk, Erbil and Mosul, to enable them to import, storage and distribution of food commodities chilled and frozen…Learn More »

Modern Business Features

  • Feed Making & Importing & Importing
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Production of the Hatching Eggs
  • Production of the table eggs
  • Screening and Seeds Filtering
  • Warehouses


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